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League Newsletter Information
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The Colorado League of Charter Schools provides a variety of newsletters to charter school staff and supporters.  The newsletters are listed below with a brief description. These newsletters are free of charge. If you find one or more of the newsletters not useful, feel free to unsubscribe. 


To view past editions of our newsletters, click the "Archive" link next to the newsletter you wish to view.


To Subscribe / Update Subscriptions:

You have a profile if you receive League newsletters. To edit subscription preferences, see the bottom of any newsletter received for your username and how to set a password. To edit subscription preferences, log In and go to your member profile. You may elect to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to any of the League newsletters. If you do not receive League newsletters, you need to create a profile by clicking the "Sign-Up Today!" button below..



If you do not receive League newsletters, click the button to create a profile.







LEAD (formerly Business Office Perspectives)   

The LEAD is longer in publication. People interested in this should now read the monthly publication, MOVE.



NEWS (formerly the Friday Wire)

NEWS will be sent each Friday and is intended to be a snapshot of the top news and opinions about charters in Colorado and the nation.



MOVE (formerly League Monthly Update)

MOVE will be sent early each month and represents our broadest base of support across the entire charter MOVEment.


ACT (formerly Legislative Updates - Charting the Capitol)

ACT is focused on a larger group of interested parties in advocacy, legislative issues & policy, organizing, and more. This ACTion-oriented group will be making a big difference in the coming years.    


LAUNCH (formerly the New School News)

LAUNCH is a larger coalition of people who have started a school in the past, are doing it now or want to do it in the future. This group represents the greater community of what it takes to start a school/business and make it work early on.