Facilities and Finance

Helping to Achieve Business Excellence

Charter school staff work hard to operate their schools at the highest levels of efficiency possible, and achieving that goal requires a multifaceted approach encompassing various key elements. That includes robust financial management to ensure transparency, long-term sustainability and the efficient allocation of resources. Our team is here to help address all of these business needs, including compliance, operations and facility considerations. 

Whether it’s determining how much you can afford to spend on a new building, establishing best practices for reserves or meeting statutory budget deadlines, we are happy to share our knowledge. Common areas of focus include: purchasing, budgeting and audit preparation, PPR, Capital Construction and CSI equalization funding, student tracking system recommendations, transportation, technology, food services and more.

Colorado Charter schools can also access experienced vendors through our online Marketplace, a searchable database connecting you with exceptional organizations that offer services to charters across the state.

Customized Coaching Packages

Cost: $175-$250 per hour

While every charter school boasts a different vision, there are a number of common challenges that they face. Having examined, diagnosed, and supported schools in confronting topics across operations, finance, budgeting and facilities acquisition, we are glad to explore your needs through an individual consultation. Engage with us to help your school achieve and maintain financial stability, ensuring its health for the long-term. 

Strategic Development for Capital Projects

Cost: $15,000 - $35,000

Identify your school’s development goals through a collaborative process that will create alignment with stakeholders and decision makers. A strategic Development Plan for Capital Projects begins with vision casting and identifying objectives that are aligned with your school’s mission and key values. A Gap Analysis grounds your current state and begins to inform actionable steps to achieve your capital project and programmatic goals.

We will work together to leverage your resources to optimize financing as well as focus your team with clear achievable goals, grounded costs, timelines and sustainable outcomes. A Strategic Development Plan for Capital Projects will provide a road map for your leadership to build consensus and support within your community, deliver a project that exceeds your expectations, and allow you to move forward with confidence, knowing your visionary goals are sustainable.

  • Mini Work Session (2 hours plus prep): Vision casting; identify preliminary objectives and goals aligned with school mission; outline actionable next steps. Cost: $900.
  • Half-Day Work Session (4 hours plus prep): Vision casting; identify key objectives, Gap Analysis of current state and identification of actionable steps to achieve capital project and programmatic goals; and preliminary evaluation of financing opportunities, costs and timelines. Cost: $1,350.
  • Full-Day Work Session (8 hours plus prep): Vision casting; identify key objectives; Gap Analysis of current state and identification of actionable steps to achieve capital project and programmatic goals; evaluation of financing opportunities, costs and timelines; evaluation of strategic partners and project delivery models; creating a synergistic project team; establishing measurable milestones of success; and exploring opportunities to generate revenue streams from your capital project. Cost: $2,250.

School Quality Reviews

Cost: Starting at $6,000

The purpose of a School Quality Review is to provide school leadership and governing boards with an evidence-based, objective, and triangulated body of evidence to drive systemic continuous improvement within the school’s unique model and mission. Coming in with a critical eye, our experts are Colorado-based, experienced charter school leaders who will strive for the best possible outcome for your unique school and student body. Learn more.

We’re Here to Help

In addition to facilities and finance services, the League also offers assistance in the areas of academic services, board and governance, enrollment and communications, exceptional education, health and wellness, HR and talent and new school development.

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Free Member School Services

The League offers a wide-variety of free services to all member schools, including: 

  • Ongoing access to information, best practices and crisis support.
  • Learning Communities that bring together peers from across the state to discuss current topics in specific areas, including board and governance, leadership, new school development, marketing and more.
  • Resource Library with guidelines, samples, checklists, and on-demand webinars
  • Access to our Member Marketplace
  • Unlimited job postings on the League’s website
  • League Staff Site Visits

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