Advancing and Protecting the Charter Sector

As a membership organization, we strive daily to not only support our members, but also advance and protect the charter sector as a whole. From the halls of the state capitol to the halls of charter schools around the state, we are proud of the ongoing success that we have achieved. We work hard to help charters be the best they can be, educating families, fostering a state-wide culture of school choice, and ultimately providing every Colorado student with access to a high-quality public school education. 

Annual Successes

  • 2024: Completed full funding equity for CSI schools, defeated a major anti-charter bill, increased PPR, Facility Funding, and other school funds. Multiple legislative wins completed a fantastic year. Find out how.
  • 2023: Secured a commitment for full funding equity for CSI schools and the more than 20,000 students they serve. Find out how.
  • 2022: Worked to shape public policy and opinion that favors charter school quality and growth and funding equity and facilities access. Learn more
  • 2021: Public charter schools serve higher percentages of students of color and English language learners (ELLs). Read more.
  • 2020: Staved off immediate cuts to the Charter Schools Capital Construction Fund during reductions to most other major education programs. See how.



Media Recaps

  • 2023 Media recap_page1_800px.jpg 2023: We supported, earned or placed 43 articles during the 2022-23 school year. Learn more.  


  • 2022: In 2022, our media coverage spanned the state. See where.







Advocacy Investments

  • AdvocacySpend_2023_page1_800px.jpg 2023: We’re proud of our work in the areas of policy, legislation, advocacy, and mobilization of the 134,000 charter families in the state. Working year round, with a dedicated advocacy staff of five, we invested over $2.8 million on total advocacy efforts. Learn more.







SPF Results

  • SPF Results_2023_800px.jpg

    2023: In 2021-22, Colorado charter schools continued a trend of outperforming non-charter schools on the state School Performance Framework (SPF). Read more.