Licensed Social Worker

James Irwin Charter Schools

Contract type
Closing date
Jun 30, 2024 12:00 AM
Colorado Springs

Key Responsibilities: 

1. Assessment and Evaluation: 
   - Conduct assessments of students' social, emotional, and behavioral needs. 
   - Evaluate students' family and environmental factors that may impact their school performance. 

2. Counseling and Support: 
   - Provide individual and group counseling to students dealing with various issues, such as family problems, bullying, mental health concerns, and adjustment difficulties. 
   - Offer crisis intervention and support for students experiencing emergencies or trauma. 

3. Collaboration: 
   - Collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, and other professionals to create a supportive and inclusive school environment. 
   - Attend Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and contribute to the development of plans for students with special needs. 

4. Advocacy: 
   - Advocate for the rights and needs of students, particularly those who are vulnerable or facing difficult circumstances. 
   - Serve as a liaison between students, families, and community resources to access necessary services. 

5. Prevention and Education: 
   - Develop and implement programs and workshops to address topics like bullying prevention, conflict resolution, and mental health awareness. 
   - Educate students, parents, and school staff on relevant social and emotional issues. 

6. Crisis Management: 
   - Respond to crises within the school community, such as incidents of violence, substance abuse, or emergencies affecting students or families. 
   - Provide immediate support and referrals to appropriate resources. 

7. Documentation and Reporting: 
   - Maintain detailed records of assessments, counseling sessions, and interventions. 
   - Prepare reports for school administrators and external agencies as needed. 

8. Professional Development: 
   - Stay current with best practices in social work and education. 
   - Pursue ongoing professional development and training to enhance skills and knowledge. 

9. Ethical Standards: 
   - Adhere to the ethical guidelines and professional standards set forth by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) or relevant licensing body. 

10. Case Management: 
    - Manage caseloads effectively, ensuring that students receive appropriate and timely services. 
    - Monitor progress and adjust interventions as necessary. 

11. Data Analysis: 
    - Use data to identify trends and areas of concern related to students' social and emotional well-being. 
    - Utilize data to inform decision-making and program development. 

12. Cultural Competency: 
    - Respect and appreciate the diversity of the student body and the unique cultural backgrounds of students and families. 
Master's degree in social work (MSW) or a related field, state licensure or certification as a School Social Worker, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. Additionally, effective communication skills, empathy, and a passion for helping students succeed are essential for success in this role. 

Contact: [email protected]