Training and Extended Learning

Enhancing Professional Development

Discover a world of continuous growth and mastery with the League's comprehensive training and extended learning programs. As a member or non-member, you gain exclusive access to a diverse range of cutting-edge courses and workshops, meticulously designed to empower you both personally and professionally. Whether you're honing your leadership skills, delving into the latest technological tools, or exploring the depths of creativity, the League's offerings cater to your individual learning journey. Our expert instructors, drawn from various fields, ensure immersive and transformative learning experiences, fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Elevate yourself with the League's unparalleled resources, and embrace a future enriched by knowledge and skill.

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On-Demand Training: Academic Services

The League’s Academic Services program partners with schools to deliver innovative professional development, consulting, school reviews, and resources. These opportunities are based on proven practice and are universally applicable to all leaders, teachers and schools, regardless of the model or instructional focus.

Cost: $175-$250 an hour

Leadership Coaching: Our experienced leadership coaches work side-by-side with school leaders and leadership teams to improve school culture, organize systems and structures, support change initiatives and more.

Improvement Planning and Implementation Coaching: Are you embarking on a change initiative and desire support in planning and implementing to ensure success? A planning and implementation coach can work with your school to design a project plan that includes major improvement strategies, 60-day milestones, action steps and success criteria. After a strong plan is created, your coach will work with you towards successful implementation.

Teacher Coaching: If your teachers will benefit from an instructional coach but you don’t have the budget to hire your own, consider contracting with a League coach. Coaches provide individual instructional coaching, professional development, planning support and more.

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Focused Workshops
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Staff Recruitment & Retention Strategies (Hybrid)

9/20/23, 10/18/23, 11/15/23, 1/17/24, 2/21/24, 4/17/24  |   9:30-11:30 AM
Free to League members   |   Prices vary for non-members.

This workshop series will set a strong foundation for recruiting and retaining educators at your school, including identifying key metrics and developing a sound strategy for your 2024 hiring season. Meets onsite and virtually on the third Wednesday of each month from 9:30-11:30 AM.

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Leveraging Community Engagement to Drive Continuous Enrollment (Hybrid);

9/28/23, 10/9/23, 11/14/23 (12-2 PM), 1/17/24, 2/26/24, 4/6/24    I   12:00-3:00 PM
Free for Members   |   $100/session non-members  

Designed for both school leaders and site-based owners of marketing, enrollment and/or community engagement, each session will help attendees set a new vision and norm for school recruitment across teams while gaining access to a wealth of practices, tools, and frameworks that can be adapted to any context.

Title IX Training

Title IX Coordinator Training

16 – 17 April 2024

Designed for Title IX coordinators and their supervisors, this series highlights the unique Title IX issues that confront K-12 educational organizations. Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to both build an effective Title IX compliance program, and develop Title IX policies and procedures for their school. Ideal for school leaders and educators tasked with receiving and responding to Title IX complaints and developing interim measures. Best practices for investigations and recordkeeping will also be explored.


Title IX Investigator Refresher

23 April 2024    I   9am – 4pm MDT

A school’s prompt response to sexual harassment complaints is a critical aspect of an effective Title IX compliance program. This session provides participants with relevant updates regarding court and agency guidance on investigation requirements and proper investigation techniques. Participants should have taken the CLCS Title IX Investigator training or a similar program.

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Title IX Decision Maker Training

24 April 2024    I   9am – 11am MDT

Designed for staff members who are tasked with student discipline as well as their supervisors and all Title IX coordinators, this two-hour course will examine Title IX requirements from a decision-making perspective. This includes mitigating circumstances and considerations for specific student populations. Achieving proper documentation will also be covered.