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Colorado League of Charter Schools Major Events 

The Colorado League of Charter Schools hosts various events throughout the year to build a strong community of educators, parents, leaders, partners and supporters who continue to positively impact charter school students, while strengthening the charter school movement. These events run the gamut from fall to spring and include the Leadership Summit, the Annual Conference, Advocacy Day, the Educator Summit, and more. 


Each event is built with the intent of bringing together a network of support, creating a learning community, building connections and furthering the mission of providing high-quality public school options for children in Colorado.  Whether you're looking for professional development, networking, or advanced topics to strengthen and enhance your knowledge and skill set, these events will provide you with opportunities that fit your needs.

Annual Colorado Charter Schools Conference 

The Conference features a meeting place for the 255 charter schools and their staff from across Colorado. Organizers for this event expect nearly 1000 school leaders, board members, authorizers, new school developers, teachers, and support staff to gather together to find content to educate, inspire and connect them to the charter school movement.

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Charter School Advocacy Day 

This day brings charter parents, teachers and middle/high school students together to learn about the Colorado legislative process, garner helpful tips about effective advocacy, understand current education bills with impacts on charter schools, visit and tour the State Capitol, meet elected officials and share individual stories about the importance of charter schools.

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Educator Summit

The League's Academic Services team is focused on redefining quality professional development. One way the League intends to do this is by expanding our offerings to various locations around the state.

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Leadership Summit

The Summit brings together over 250 school leaders and business managers to build knowledge, skill and connectivity around Legislative Policy, Facilities and Governance.

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CONNECT: Communicators Network Workshops 

CONNECT with the League and with your peers on marketing, communications and enrollment initiatives. These gatherings provide a place to learn, develop, network and build your plans for the coming year. Workshops, presentations and panels will develop both new, developing, and seasoned staff skills and knowledge across different key topics in the field. It’s a great opportunity to network with a wide cross-section of your peers and learn from experts in the field about how to successfully tackle the complexities of marketing and communications.

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LAUNCH: New School Developers

Our annual networking, learning, and coaching event for school founders and their teams happens late each summer.We bring together experts in all areas of launching your school from writing an application, to financing a facility, to marketing/enrollment, and much more. Details are in the works for our 2020 LAUNCH event, which is typically held at the League's offices in Denver. Stay tuned.

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