High School Science Teacher

RiseUp Community School

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Jun 30, 2024 12:00 AM

Employees at RiseUp Community School must be committed to the Vision and Mission of the School.


Our vision is that all young people, regardless of their circumstances, have access to an education that will prepare them to counter social inequities and realize their full potential. Our school empowers young people to transform themselves and become leaders in their communities. Our school is a haven of trust and respect, where students can prepare for success in careers, post-secondary education and life. 100% of our graduates are prepared for and go on to post-secondary education or meaningful careers. The mission of RiseUp Community School is to engage young people who have previously dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out in a supportive learning environment that holds each student to high expectations, cultivates social justice, and inspires every student to achieve a high school diploma and become prepared for college and careers after graduation.


School Overview:

We believe that all students deserve an education rich in experience that allows students to be agents of change in their own lives. RiseUp Community School offers project-based courses to students and provides them with a community integrated and context based education. Employees are key in the creation of an education experience that encompasses academic, career and college planning, and social responsibility believe that the best way to learn is through applying new knowledge and skills to real-world projects.


Position Overview:

Teachers at RiseUp are, first and foremost, generalists. Teachers work closely as a cohort to create a seamless educational experience for students and this means they must understand the landscape of all subjects and understand where their content specialty fits within this landscape. Each teacher is in charge of developing their department by ensuring the curriculum meets the mission and vision of the school.


RiseUp believes that, in order to be an informed and active citizen, knowledge of science is essential. Science classes at RiseUp focus on the real and practical ways we see science every day and the thinking processes of a scientist. Students leave with the habits and skills of a scientist, an understanding of why science is important, and an awareness of the presence of scientific concepts in everyday life.


Teaching and Assessment:

  • Be skilled at utilizing formative assessments to monitor student progress.

  • Regularly include families in messaging and class updates

  • Use instructional engagement strategies as the key means to classroom management

  • Use assessment data, including but not limited to MAP results, prior course grades, and teacher created assessments, to plan appropriate instructional practices and interventions.

  • Create hands-on experiences related to science

  • Develop assessment that includes daily work, regular checks for understanding and quarterly public exhibitions.


Curriculum development:

  • Modify units of study that develop the necessary skills for college, career, and citizenship.

  • Ensure Common Core State Standards, or appropriate content standards, and RiseUp competencies are integrated in the design of the curriculum.

  • Ensure the curriculum is building on grade level standards from other subject areas. 

  • Identify off-site experiences or collaborations that give students opportunities to see content in action.


Professional development:

  • Approach professional development as a learner vs. an expert

  • Incorporate all restorative practices and trauma informed practices into daily classroom activities

  • Attend and implement all-school professional development around pedagogy, curriculum, and professional learning communities.

  • Facilitate in-house professional development as needed.

  • Set clear change goals based on feedback (from supervisor, peers, PD, students, etc.) to improve instruction.

  • Collaborate with other teachers to ensure a comprehensive and unified education program.



  • Applicants must be a Highly Qualified Teacher by holding one of the following:

1) earn an endorsement or hold a degree in assigned field,

2) pass a Colorado content test in assigned field (e.g., PLACE, PRAXIS II), 

3) earn 24-semester hours in assigned field, 

4) earn National Board Certification in assigned field, 

5) or pass a secondary multi-subject HOUSSE* provision) 

OR possess a current Colorado Teaching License.

  • Have a minimum of 3 years classroom experience in an alternative school 


A qualified candidate will:

  • Show a demonstrated belief in the vision and mission of RiseUp Community School 

  • Have experience with restorative justice and be able to speak to the 5 R’s in a school setting

  • Be able to set and reach department goals using data and feedback to stay on track

  • Hold an ELA-E certification or complete one within two years of hire date


Compensation, Benefits, Schedule:

  • Salary- $45,000.00/year to $81,000 based on experience and qualifications

  • Comprehensive benefits (health, dental, vision)

  • 2 science classes taught each day (2 different subjects)

  • Lead one additional elective class 1-2x/year

  • 8:00-4:30 M-Th, 8:00-1:00 F




Education requirement

Masters Degree

Experience requirement

3-5 years

How to apply


To apply:

  • Cover letter- address why RiseUp Community School is of interest and a good fit for you, and highlight unique skill sets and/or beliefs you possess that may not come through in your resume.

  • Written response-
    We would like for you to think of a significant past event that involved yourself in a teaching or helping role with one or more other persons. That is, from a human relations standpoint, this event had special meaning for you. In writing about this event, please use the following format:
    FIRST Describe the situation as it occurred at the time.
    SECOND What did you do in the particular situation?
    THIRD How did you feel about the situation at the time you were experiencing it?
    FOURTH How do you feel about the situation now? Would you wish to change any part of it?

  • This position begins August 1, 2023



  • Present- April 14, 2023 Applications accepted

  • April 15-April 21 Applicants invited to interview

  • April 22-April 28 Offers made


Send materials to info [email protected]