A school’s prompt response to sexual harassment complaints is a critical aspect of an effective Title IX compliance program. This session — ideal for educators and staff tasked with performing investigators and Title IX Coordinators — provides participants with the skills and tools for conducting prompt, impartial, and thorough Title IX investigations in K-12 and higher educational settings. From defining and managing scope, conducting interviews, and making credibility assessments to crafting investigation reports and concluding the process, this course develops your ability to assume the role of an objective factfinder and reflects the new Title IX regulations that go into effect August 1, 2024. 


  • Session One: Planning the Investigation, Assessing Relevant Evidence & Maintaining Scope
  • Session Two: Evidence Collection, Interview Skills, & Trauma-Informed Approaches
  • Session Three: Documenting the Investigation 
  • Session Four: How to Make Findings & Write a Report

Attendees will receive a certificate for six hours of Professional Development (PD).