Apr 11, 2024

HB1363 Defeated in Education Committee 8-3

Anti-Charter Bill Defeated in the House Education Committee on April 11th by wide margin.

House Education Committee Made Right Call Defeating HB24-1363

April 11, 2024   |   DENVER, COLO

The League is grateful to members of the Colorado House Education Committee for voting to kill Colorado House Bill 24-1363, which took unnecessary aim at students benefiting from Colorado’s effective and impactful public charter school system. The Colorado League of Charter Schools believes that all children in our state, regardless of zip code or background, deserve access to high-quality public school options. We express our gratitude to Representatives Bradfield, Bradley, Lukens, Martinez, McLachlan, Pugliese, Young, and Weinberg who voted against this bill and prevented it from moving forward.  

We are also grateful to the dedicated school leaders, educators, parents, and others who took a stand to defeat this bill, including Governor Polis. More than 56,000 emails and letters sent to legislators made a difference and speak volumes to the dedication of this passionate group of individuals who collectively spoke up to help protect Colorado’s more than 135,000 charter school students. 

“We’re glad that a bipartisan group of legislators recognized this bill for the extreme proposal it was and stopped it from moving forward,” said Dan Schaller, President of the Colorado League of Charter Schools. “What we really need right now is a focus on putting students first. We can do a better job for students, for quality, and for families if we are focused on outcomes and not agendas.”

As we look forward to the future of K-12 education in Colorado, the League calls upon policymakers to focus on improving overall student outcomes rather than playing politics. Creating unfair burdens and duplicative oversight under the guise of accountability only disrupts diversity, innovation, and positive outcomes where we need it most. 

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