The League and Partners Release Joint Statement on HB24-1363

40,000+ Emails Attest to the Damaging Impacts HB1363 Would Have on Students and Families across Colorado
March 25, 2024

Introduced on March 6th, Colorado House Bill 24-1363 – sponsored by Representative Lorena Garcia, Representative Tammy Story, and Senator Lisa Cutter – takes unnecessary aim at students benefiting from Colorado’s effective and impactful public charter school system. Regardless of zip code or background, all children in our state deserve access to high-quality public school options. HB24-1363 would undermine the innovation, diversity, and opportunities that charter schools bring to Colorado’s educational landscape. It focuses on politics and partisanship over the needs of tens of thousands of Colorado students and families.

Colorado charter schools and the organizations supporting this statement center their work on what is in the best interest of children, and HB1363 would have a decidedly negative impact on these very children and their families.

Over 40,000 emails have been sent to legislators from individuals across the state who have benefited from public charter schools, asking them not to allow HB1363 to advance. This speaks not only to the value charter schools have brought to our public education system but also to the significant ways HB1363 would negatively impact our state’s 260+ charter schools and the more than 135,000 students they serve.

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