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Kaci Coats
Director of Exceptional Student Services

As the Director of Exceptional Student Services, I will offer support to charter schools through trainings, coaching and consultation, while simultaneously managing the development of the Exceptional Student Services Initiative, a new program here at the League that will prioritize both strategic advocacy and the provision of quality teacher and leader professional development. This initiative will be a multi-year process that will include gathering information through needs assessments and focus groups, completing a strategic planning process, and then implementing a regional roll out. Through this process, my hope is to ensure that districts and charter schools in Colorado have what they need to work in tandem to provide the most meaningful programming for all students that walk through their doors. See our project, the Collaborative for Exceptional Education.  Click to view full bio.

303-989-5356 | Email Kaci

  Patti Glock 
Director of Business Services

I will be the League’s primary contact for school leaders and board members with questions regarding operations, facilities, finance and other business management related issues. My goal is to increase the efficiency and sustainability of schools by coaching schools through enhancing financial expertise at the board and management levels and facilitating connections between the school and the financial community. In this role, I will coordinate and implement support services offerings, specifically focused on operational financial success targeted for school leaders, business managers and board members with a goal to elevate and refine the school’s finance and operations through high-quality training options.  Click to view full bio.

720-897-8429 Email Patti

Mark Heffner
Chief Operations Director
My role with the League is to oversee the overall operations of our business to ensure that our products and services are delivered efficiently and effectively. I am responsible for managing our facility, technical infrastructure & integration, data collection, and storage. I also assist with the financial planning and analysis function to ensure fiscal health as well as provide financial reporting to our Board of Directors and various committees. Click to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 111 | Email Mark 

Brandon Hellwig
Associate Director of Organizing 

My job is to increase parent and community engagement in our charter schools. I am here to coach and educate parents and community members on how to use their voice on behalf of their schools to impact positive change in their communities. I will be the point person for our new advocacy initiatives among single site charter schools and new community organizing partnerships. Every charter school has their own wants and needs and my role is to support them in discovering these priorities while coaching them on strategies that will lift up their own voices to affect change. My goal is to help build structures and systems around advocacy so people can be heard and build their power. I believe that a movement including teachers, students, and parents is vital to change taking place locally and at the state level. I will be a convener to other advocacy organizations in the state so we can learn, network, and share best practices, because I truly believe we are stronger together. Click to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 115 | Email Brandon

Peter Mason
Vice President of Communications

The Sector Development group that I work with supports several areas of the charter sector space including: Research and Evaluation, Marketing and Communications, Events, and New School Development. While I work across all these areas, I specialize in the Marketing and Communications space for the League, the Charter Movement, and directly with our schools. I’m glad to offer services to schools around their press releases, story ideas, marketing plans, event ideas, branding, websites and anything that helps to support the school, the community and the charter movement overall. I love getting involved in the League’s events because I know that they support, inspire and train our members and the community to build up our ability and capacity to succeed. I dive into the data where I can to ground all that we’re doing in research. It’s inspiring to work with our new school development team and support the passionate members of our community who are building, developing and launching new schools.  Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 120 | Email Pete




Trina Maull 
Director of HR and Talent Services

My job’s  purpose is to offer our members efficient, applicable and relevant Talent Development services and solutions in HR Support and Resources, Talent Acquisition (Recruitment Strategy), Workforce Planning, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion and Succession Planning to name a few. I will be the League's primary contact for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative and will facilitate and coordinate resources and expertise that will contribute to greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within the charter school movement.  I will collaborate with businesses, organizations, community members and universities, to partner and establish a future pipeline of educators.  My focus and approach for CLCS Talent Development Department is to ensure we will always be solutions oriented and provide relevant talent development opportunities to the membership, while keeping a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do. Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 116 | Email Trina


Kia Murray 
Director of Academic Services 

I will coordinate and provide professional development and coaching via the League’s network of consultants to charter school teachers and leaders providing them with high-quality and effective content supporting and enhancing their own development. This will occur through on-site regional professional development trainings, customized in school workshops and coaching and our “new” online cohorts. In the future, we hope to build multi-year partnerships with charter schools working together to ensure student achievement along with the growth and development of teachers and leaders. The Academic Services Department is here to support student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and leadership practices through innovative professional development, resources and services.Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 107 | Email Kia

Griselda Velazquez
Director of Corporate Sponsorships 

The Business Services department of the League is devoted to aligning our member schools with providers that streamline the business side of running a charter school.  My intention is to equip our member school administrators with the appropriate resources  placing them advantageously ahead of the learning curve so  they can effectively and efficiently operate their school at every stage of growth.  It is my goal to cultivate and support the collaboration between administrators’ needs and providers to unify the operational paths allowing our academic visionaries to place their attention on the most important part of our overall mission, the students they serve. Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 114 | Email Griselda

Allison Nicotera
Office Manager

I am the first person to welcome you to the League’s office or greet you by telephone and direct your requests to the departments that can be of greatest support. I act as the central hub for communications, workflow, coordination and customer service. I enjoy helping our members find the solutions they need. I also assist various departments with special projects. Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 100 | Email Allison

Alison Rausch
Associate Director of Local Advocacy

Bio Coming Soon.

303-989-5356, ext. 106 | Email Alison

Selina Sandoval
Associate Director of Marketing and Events

I support the League by managing the wide variety of events the League hosts each year. I work behind the scenes to ensure each event is successful and engaging. I plan from start to finish working with each department to determine and manage event design, finances and logistical needs. Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 119 | Email Selina


Jennifer Savino, Ph.D., M.Ed.   
Director of New School Development

I help guide the process of new school development from inception to actualization by providing supports in planning grant acquisition, evidence-based and justified innovative design, the application and revision process, and Year 0 work plans and timelines. I am passionate about helping creative and dedicated educators open a school they believe in — one that will remain efficient, effective, and sustainable so that it can continue to serve its community’s needs well for many years to come.  Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 126 | Email Jen 

Dan Schaller
President of the League

I direct the League’s governmental affairs efforts, working with our Governmental Affairs Committee, board, staff, partners, and legislative liaisons to develop and execute the League’s annual legislative agenda. I advocate for high-quality charter public schools at the district, state, and federal level, I assist schools with their advocacy needs, and I coordinate advocacy efforts among charter parents, teachers, staff and other supporters. Click here to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 105 | Email Dan

Teresa Tate
Vice President of School Services

I support and lead the League’s School Services group in order to create and strengthen their offerings to our member schools. The League has brought content experts in house to support schools in the areas of board governance, academic services, business & operations services, exceptional student services and HR & talent services. I work with  schools directly to resolve their board questions and support schools that want to strengthen their governing boards by providing customized training on all topics relating to governance. I also support schools in creating and updating their strategic plans.  Click to view full bio.

303-989-5356, ext. 102 | Email Teresa

Rainey Wilkstrom
School Wellness Director

The Colorado League of Charter Schools School Wellness Director  can connect you to resources, partnerships and funding. This grant funded position is available at no cost to you to provide ongoing technical assistance in support of health and wellness in Colorado’s charter schools.  

303.906.5218 | Email Rainey