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Jun 30, 2024 12:00 AM

This is why you got into education! 

The STEAD School isn’t looking for folks satisfied with the traditional “teacher” role. InSTEAD, we are looking for culture-builders, relationship-builders, multiple-hat wearers, and those rare, passionate unicorns who embody the nobility of the teaching profession. Whether you call yourself a teacher, a Renaissance-ucator or an edu-preneur, the STEAD School is looking for “Founding Guides' ' who want to co-create and co-vision side-by-side in partnership with both adults and adolescents. 

What is the STEAD School? 

The STEAD School is…

A community of people who consider themselves stewards of their environment. Through our work and studies, we aim to address complex food, health, environmental, and energy challenges that face the state, the nation, and the planet. We are pioneers (not settlers) and adventurer-seekers building an out-of-the-box high school! You will be part of an educational movement and community that tackles education with meaning, purposeful work, interconnectedness, and heads, hearts, and hands.

A public, independent, 5 day-per-week charter school located in Reunion, serving a diverse demographic of students from all corners of the urban, sub-urban, rural communities of Northeastern Denver Metro, Brighton, Commerce City and greater Adams County. The STEAD School opened last year with our first cohort of Founding Guides and Founding 9th grade students. We are growing next year to add another team of third-year Founding Guides and a new class of 9th grade students as our current 9th years rise into their 10th grade studies and 10th rise to 11th grade

A problem-driven, project-based curricular model committed to a competency-based personalized learning philosophy that believes every student will reach proficiency.

A marriage between Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, and Design within a well rounded, expansive and enriching family of creative, physical, artistic, musical, literary, and athletic pursuits.

A team committed to building a community that is diverse and inclusive of all humans. As a school community, we believe that diversity increases our strength as a community. We are looking for educators who are authentic to who they are and want to share their true selves within our community. We strive to support student leaders on their journeys in becoming critical thinkers and risk takers who are prepared to disrupt systems. Our aim is to exemplify the best practices in the field of education and serve all students of our community to the best of our abilities. The STEAD School is committed to an intentional, ever-reflective, practice of diversifying our board and team.

A small school with a BIG vision. Small class sizes with BIG ideas. Small on “schooling,” BIG on “learning.”


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