This series of community engagement, school recruitment and continuous enrollment workshops is the next step in development for both school leaders and site-based owners of enrollment and community engagement. Because enrollment is a responsibility that can and should be shared across teams, this session will help attendees set a new vision and norm for school recruitment across their school, while deep-diving into a wealth of practices, tools, and frameworks that can be adapted to any context. Focusing on a top-down approach, the goal of this series is to drive best practices that help schools grow, expand and meet enrollment goals. It will provide ample work time for attendees to start putting ideas into motion while developing policies, procedures and strategies that can exist beyond changes in staff.

Location: Hybrid (League Offices/Zoom and Offsite events)

Free for Members   |   Non-Members $100 PER SESSION


Session Details:

  • Session 5 (2/26/24) – Data-Driven Action Planning:measuring what matters to improve enrollment 

Other Sessions Available:

  • Session 1 (9/28/23) – Setting the Stage: Vision, Metrics, and Roles for the Life Cycle of Community Engagement, Recruitment, and Enrollment

  • Session 2 (10/9/23) – Staking your Presence: Marketing and Relationship Building 101

  • Session 3 (11/15/23) – Building Momentum:Community Engagement and Recruitment Planning

  • Session 4 (1/17/24) – Drive to Results: Improving enrollment through Community Engagement and Recruitment metrics

  • Session 6 (4/6/24) – 2024 Life Cycle Planning for the 2024/25 School Year