SIGN UP HERE: Elevate your brand's impact by aligning with excellence at the 2025 Colorado Charter Schools Annual Conference! As a prospective sponsor, you can showcase your commitment to education, innovation, and community growth. Position your brand at the forefront of educational transformation, gaining visibility among key decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers in the charter school sector. Our conference provides a unique platform to connect with a targeted audience, amplify your message, and build lasting relationships. Join us in shaping the future of education – become a sponsor at the 2025 Colorado Charter Schools Annual Conference and unlock unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and visibility!

Events Details:

Date: February 27 - 28, 2025

Location: Denver Marriott Tech Center

If you're prepared to reserve your spot but unable to make a payment right away or receive an invoice, please complete this form by May 31, 2024, to temporarily secure your spot.

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$25,000 | [Purchase]

Be Everywhere. The Presenting Sponsor displays the highest level of commitment to charter school leadership. In appreciation, this sponsor receives the highest level of exposure at the event.

DIAMOND Sponsor Level

$15,000 | [Purchase]

Go to the top of the class with the Diamond sponsorship opportunity at the Colorado Charter Schools Conference. This package generates high exposure and ROI. 

PLATINUM Sponsor Level

General Session Sponsor

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Sponsor a keynote speaker, plenary panel or member forum as they provide wisdom, humor, and insight. Your sponsorship supports not only the live sessions but captures those plenary sessions as a recording to share out to our membership and to the public.

Registration Sponsor - Platinum Level

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Be the first name our attendees see at our Registration Desk. This year's Registration Sponsor will have their logos displayed for all guests to see at our Registration Kiosks, plus each Attendee badge will feature your logo on the back! *Must be purchased and logo submitted by January 26th, 2024 to account for production time.

Reception Sponsor — VIP Happy Hour

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Bring together the opening night crowd to kick off this year’s conference. This crowd includes the League’s board, VIP guests, staff, and leaders from across the state as we celebrate and open the conference with our first formal event on Monday night. The first get together is a great introduction to the faces and names that make up our core audience. This happy-hour reception will be held in the Sponsor Atrium to increase the visibility and conversation with all sponsors of the event.

Reception Sponsor — League Happy Hour

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Sponsor this popular attendee favorite!  After a long day of learning, Conference attendees greatly appreciate the chance to unwind and socialize at the League’s Tuesday Reception. And we’ll rename this after you! (The [fill in the blank] Reception).

Technology — WiFi Sponsor  

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Support Quality, Choice and Equity in charter schools and build your name recognition by promoting your company name in WIFI network name or password. Everyone wants quick and easy access to their email and the internet. And many Conference-goers will be accessing the Conference app via their Smartphones. Be the company they think of every time they log on!

Name Badge Sponsor

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Supporting the League and the Conference comes with perks and this sponsorship has a big one. This sponsor gets high visibility throughout the Conference as attendees wear their name badge bearing your company name/logo. Impressions are through the roof as you increase your name recognition AND help the charter sector in Colorado grow and improve.

Conference Bag Sponsor

$7,500 | [Purchase]

Your logo will be displayed as each attendee carries their Conference bag throughout the event. Our conference bags are eco-friendly and will get used into the future.

GOLD Level Sponsor

Zone Sponsor

$5,000 | [Purchase]

Our layout this year focuses our workshop sessions into three specific zones — choose one that best fits your target audience. 

  • Zone one in the upper level focuses on Academics. (Currently planned for the “Peaks” rooms on the upper floor on the map.)
  • Zone two near the exhibit hall focuses on everything operations (Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Boards and Enrollment and Marketing). (Currently planned for the “Trees” rooms in the central main level.)
  • Zone three by the main ballroom focuses on Advocacy, Policy & Hot Topics. (Currently planned for the “Flowers” rooms on the main level.)

Choose your zone and get incredible onsite access to the workshop sessions as they happen and each zone will have a dedicated space available to display your products, hold individual  meetings, or to open up to attendees for their own meetings. In addition, you have the opportunity to speak live and introduce one session each day in your wing.

By supporting the League, the Conference and the students at our member schools, you’re supporting school choice, equity and quality in all its forms across all the diverse schools that the League supports.

Technology — Video Sponsors 

$5,000 | [Purchase]

Sponsor all the video assets during the conference produced by the League. Your logo will open and close each general session intro video (four+ videos estimated).

Conference App Sponsor

$5,000 | [Purchase]

This Sponsor will support all our attendees to have immediate access to all-things conference, from schedules, session topics, speakers and more! Our conference app is a popular interface to the schedule, the speakers, the workshops, the list of exhibitors/sponsors, and much more through the digital interface.

SILVER Level Sponsor

Hall of Fame Awards Sponsor

$3,995 | [Purchase]

This package gives you the opportunity to showcase your company and your generosity to the charter school community. Your support of the League and the Hall of Fame winners is instrumental in building up our network and our support.

Grid Game Sponsor

$3,995 | [Purchase]

The attendee FAVORITE by far; this package gives you the opportunity to showcase your company and your generosity to the charter school community. You’ll be featured on the Exhibit Hall grid game card demonstrating you’re not only a proud supporter of the member schools, but that you are also building traffic into the Exhibit Hall. Your support provides five or more prizes to be drawn for game participants. This sponsor has the opportunity to award a prize to a winner at the conclusion of a general session.

Breakfast and Lunch Sponsors

$3,995 | [Purchase]

Provide your support to the food and drink provided at the Conference during two meal times each day and during coffee and snack service. Your signage near the buffet lines demonstrates your commitment to the League, the conference, and the attendees.

Stage Sponsor

$3,995 | [Purchase]

Provide easy name recognition for attendees as you brand the stage space. Situated on the skirting for the stage your name and logo will grace both ends of the stage. We’ll also thank you for this sponsorship during two of the general sessions.

BRONZE Level Sponsor

The Bronze category is the easiest way for you to begin to build relationships with school leaders and charter staff across the state. Whether you start off with a booth at the conference, speaking to a room of leaders, or sponsoring attendance with a scholarship, this level helps you begin your journey with the League whether or not you are able to attend.  

Bronze Level Exhibitor 

$2,295 | [Purchase]

The Bronze Level Exhibitor package is the best way for you to get started in supporting the League, the charter school movement in Colorado, the students they serve, and get access to our event. Plus this option gives you special opportunities and discounts not available to other sponsor levels such as a discount to renew or join our Charter Marketplace. Register early to ensure you get your preferred location in the exhibit hall. 

BRONZE Level Sponsor

Refreshment Sponsor

$2,000 | [Purchase]

A Refreshment Sponsorship is an opportunity to get the word out about your product and service while providing attendees a well-deserved break from sessions. These activities include time for attendees to network and grab a drink. 

Green Room Sponsor

$2,500 | [Purchase]

The Green Room is located near registration for the presenters, keynote speakers and VIPs to relax and recharge before their session begins. Your sponsorship allows you to support this key group and brand the space as you wish. Perfect for companies that want to demonstrate their furniture or other products that require space to spread out. 

In the Green Room hallway (Spruce 1 and 2), you’re guaranteed to be the first face our attendees will see as they pass through registration. On top of the opportunity for real time interaction with all of our attendees, you’re invited to hang your company banner in one of the speakers' Green Rooms, and will be included in our Event Program and Sponsor webpage as a Bronze Level Sponsor.

Solution Session Presenters

$2,500 | [Purchase]

Connect with your key market. These sessions are held in our workshop area and give you the chance to present key ideas, problems and solutions, while supporting the League and the charter school movement in Colorado. This is not a sales meeting and should not be exclusive to your product but rather a ‘problem and solution’ session where you articulate a problem and a particular solution (which may be what you provide) in a short 20-minute format.

Scholarship Sponsors

$1,000 | [Purchase]

Becoming a Scholarship Sponsor is the best way to support a critical audience, with two conference registrations, for school staff who otherwise may not attend the League’s 2024 Annual Conference. It sets you apart as a supporter of the entire charter school field. Use this sponsorship to get started or add this on to an existing sponsorship for even more exposure.

Introduction Sponsor

$1,000 | [Purchase]

Looking for a quick easy way to be a Sponsor but still get in front of an audience? You can introduce a workshop session at the conference including who you are, and your company name to get yourself recognized. The League presents the first couple of slides for each session (not counting Solution Sessions) and you can run through them for the audience including a little bit about you. Use this sponsorship to get started or add this on to an existing sponsorship for even more exposure.

Ballroom Sponsor

$1,000 | [Purchase]

Perhaps the easiest way to be a Sponsor and still get your brand in front of the audience at the conference. Place your sign in the General Session Ballroom for the duration of the conference. From Tuesday morning to Wednesday afternoon your pop up banner (no more than three feet wide by eight feet tall) your brand is there. Provide your free standing banner to the League offices by February 15, 2024 and we’ll return it to you after the event if you include prepaid shipping label(s).