Current HOF Nominations


The Colorado League of Charter Schools' annual Hall of Fame is a joyous celebration honoring members, leaders, and supporters who have significantly contributed to the charter school movement. Annually, we invite nominations from our community, and a dedicated committee thoroughly reviews the submissions. The winners are revealed during a special ceremony held in conjunction with our annual conference. We are delighted to highlight these remarkable individuals who have already distinguished themselves as outstanding contributors to the charter community across Colorado.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming ceremony, we're excited to share the current list of nominations with you. Stay tuned for the announcement of this year's deserving winners at the special ceremony during our annual conference.

Charter School Leader of the Year Nominees: Mark Wilson, Josh Benson, Hannah Reese, Caryn Braddy, Carol Bowar, Leann Jiron, Jessica Hunter, Shane Voss, Sarah Kiesewetter, Shane Voss, Kendra Hossfeld, Jessica Hunter

Advocate of the Year: Sharla Butkovich, Kimberly Gilmartin, Betsy Basch

Most Valuable Chater Contributor: Leann Jiron, Cortney Crouch, Russ Sojourner, Brad Pippert, Lisa Griffin

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lynne Whitney, Janet Thirlby, Bill Kurtz

Charter School Educator of the Year: Kyle Kimmal, Stephanie Barnett, Shannon Peace, Heather Hicks, Emilee Klausner, Tara Hedberg, Yacina Tamendjari, Lacey Weber, Florian Hild, Tom Prest, Alfredo Beltran Aguirre, Scott Spear, Brooke Barton, Kimi Hanson, Lori Fisher, Shannon Rhodes Peace