Equity Convening

Equitable Access to School Choice: School Meals 

Join us for the upcoming CDE's Schools of Choice Fall 2023 Equity Convening, focused on Equitable Access to School Choice: School Meals. Organized by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) in partnership with the Colorado League of Charter Schools and the Colorado Association of Charter School Authorizers, we delve into the critical topic of providing equitable access to school meals for all students.

Wednesday, September 27   |   9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Denver Place


The provision of a food program that is accessible to all students is the cornerstone of ensuring that schools become a choice for every family. By offering inclusive food services, we eliminate barriers and open doors for families who might otherwise overlook schools that best cater to their child's needs. Moreover, nutrition and food service not only support school choice but also bolster student attendance, retention, and overall well-being, ultimately leading to stronger academic outcomes.


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Check out our Keynote speaker
We are honored to introduce Ulcca Joshi Hansen, our esteemed keynote speaker from Educating Potential. With a wealth of expertise in the intersection of education and nutrition, Ulcca will address the pivotal topic of 'Why Food Matters'. Her profound insights into the profound impact of nutrition on learning outcomes and the overall well-being of students make her a distinguished authority on this subject.

After passage of HB22-1414 in 2022, districts and schools are now implementing Healthy Meals for All. Join an expert panel for a discussion around early implementation successes and challenges, school year 2024-25 opportunities such as staff wage increases and incentives to purchase local foods, and recommendations for how to benefit from future food opportunities.


  • Rainey Wikstrom: League Wellness Consultant (Moderator)
  • Jenny Herman: State Nutrition Programs Manager at CDE School Nutrition Unit
  • Britton Knickerbocker: Executive Director of Charter Choice Collaborative
  • Ilene Agustin: School Nutrition Manager at the Charter School Institute
  • Jess Wright: Director of Healthy Food in Institutions at Nourish Colorado
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