Executive Director

Legacy Academy

Contract type
Closing date
May 16, 2024 11:59 PM
85000 yearly

School Description


Legacy Academy (legacyk8.org) is a K-8 charter school serving families from Elbert and Douglas counties. The school enrolls approximately 400 full time students, and about 80 students through a homeschool enrichment program. We are a 1:1 iPad school, and our staff utilizes Apple devices along with a variety of other technology resources throughout the school day. We encourage our staff to continually seek out new and innovative approaches to education. 


Job Description


The Executive director is responsible for leading the school, the administration, and the staff in line with the school mission. To lead the school in line with the school's mission requires managing and operating the business as well as the educational side of the school. This role will be required to plan and execute the future growth/expansion of the school. The Executive Director is responsible for the charter school’s operations and ensuring that the school operates efficiently and according to the charter contract, meeting all District and State requirements.  The Executive Director is responsible for promoting the educational development of the students and to provide leadership for the ongoing development and improvement of the school’s curriculum, instruction, assessment, and staff development programs.  Additionally, the Executive Director is responsible for managing the business of the school on a daily basis, ensuring all school policies and procedures are followed.


Duties Include



●     Demonstrating a commitment to the school’s vision and mission

●     Provide leadership, direction and support to the instructional program

●     Communicating effectively with the Board of Directors, staff and parents

●     Promoting and maintaining a productive working relationship with the Board of Directors

●     Ensuring compliance with charter contract, federal, state and local regulations and policies 


●     Ensure that curriculum being taught meets or exceeds state standards

●     Monitor student progress and set high standards for student achievement

●     Oversee the planning and evaluation of the school’s programs and activities 


●     Managing the school business on a daily basis

●     Recruit and retain exceptional staff members for the organization

●     Provide appropriate disciplinary actions for staff and students

●     Managing and planning of the school facilities 

●     Ability to manage growth of the school in a responsible way, including expansion of building if necessary.

●     Direct oversight of the budget and financial reporting for the school’s operations

●     Prepare and make accurate and timely reports to the Board of Directors covering school activities and school finances


The Executive Director should have had experience running a business organization with a minimum of 50 employees.This experience should come with conflict resolution involving employees and the public.


The Executive Director must have strong communication, organization and administrative skills.  He/she must be flexible and able to undertake a variety of activities during the normal course of business.  The Executive Director must be able coordinate with the finance team to develop, interpret and administer a budget within the Colorado State Finance Act and communicate financial issues to the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director must foster a positive, enthusiastic and innovative climate at the school for all to follow.

Application Instructions

Visit the school’s website (www.legacyk8.org), and submit a resume, cover letter or letter of introduction, and recommendation letters through the “Join Our Team” link at the top of the page. 


Salary:  $85,000 to $125,000 commensurate with experience

Benefits offered:

●     Health, Dental, and Vision insurance

●     STD and Life

●     PERA retirement




Education requirement

Bachelors Degree

Experience requirement

3-5 years

How to apply

How to Apply / Contact


Visit the school’s website (www.legacyk8.org), and submit a resume, cover letter or letter of introduction, and recommendation letters through the “Join Our Team” link at the top of the page. 

Questions about the position may be directed to Matt Ledesma
([email protected])  or Jen Zander ([email protected]).