The Colorado General Assembly’s 2024 Legislative Session Opens Today

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Welcome to the inaugural Legislative Update newsletter of the 2024 session! With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, this session promises pivotal discussions, debates, and decisions that will shape the future of public education in our state. Join the League as we delve into our key priorities and collective efforts aimed at championing educational opportunity and innovation for all Colorado students. Together, let's stay informed, engaged, and proactive in navigating the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

A Great Deal At Risk For Public Education 

This year, legislators face a significant task: completing the journey of buying down the so-called budget stabilization factor, and in the process, allocating an additional $140 million to education. This funding translates directly into tangible benefits for our schools. It means better salaries for teachers and staff, maintaining smaller class sizes, continued investments in modern facilities and technology, and ultimately, ensuring every student receives a world-class public education. This funding would increase statewide average PPR by  $704 per student, pushing the funding from $10,613 this year to $11,317 next. It's worth noting that this comes on the heels of last year's commendable increase of $1,019 per pupil. The League is committed to advocating to ensure that our schools reap the maximum benefits of these funds.

And, of course, we will also be working to ensure that the legislature honors its commitment to fully fund CSI Mill Levy Equalization starting with the 2024-25 academic year. 

Use the link below (refer to Column T) for a district-by-district breakdown of what that $704 average increase would translate into.

2024-25 School Finance Funding

Implementation of the Legislative Agenda

Highlighting the importance of tailored options for each student and family is essential. Armed with this vital understanding, the Colorado League of Charter Schools consistently drives forward its policy efforts year after year. Our steadfast commitment remains clear: to guarantee that every student in Colorado has access to high-quality public school options.

Our 2024 legislative policy agenda was shaped directly by the priorities our members pinpointed:

  • Funding Equity
  • Facility Access & Affordability
  • Safeguarding/Enhancing Autonomy and Flexibility
  • Authorizer Consistency
Explore our 2024 Legislative Agenda

Your essential feedback is the cornerstone of our advocacy, aligning our objectives with the aspirations and necessities of our students, teachers, and communities. A sincere thank you to all who contributed their insights, significantly influencing our agenda's formation.

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State and Federal Policy Updates (Members Only)
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Exclusively for members, we offer weekly State and Federal Policy Update calls every Friday from 12:00-12:30 PM during the legislative session. If you desire real-time updates and discussions, these calls are an excellent opportunity to stay informed and engaged! The first update is set for January 12, 2024. 

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Bill Tracker (Members Only)

During the Colorado legislative session, we keep an updated summary of bills currently in the legislature that affect charter schools. In addition to a bill number, title and description, we include each bill’s last dated action and a link to its fiscal note. Color codes offer easy identification of those bills that have been sent to the governor, signed into law or postponed indefinitely. Log in to view the latest bill tracker.

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ACT Network: Act for Charters Today

The League's Act for Charters Today (ACT) Advocacy Network is the group and process through which we activate and engage our public charter school families, parents, students, and staff for the common good. This action-oriented network strives to build knowledge, skills, and power to strengthen and support charter schools throughout the state.

Our advocacy efforts are focused on state policies and district initiatives that ensure all Colorado children deserve access to high-quality public school options, including charter schools. Build your charter school knowledge and advocacy skills while taking part in a powerful and influential community statewide that intercedes on behalf of our schools and, more importantly, our students. We’ll give you everything you need to make taking action for charters quick and easy!

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