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Zone Sponsor (Gold) - AC24

Our layout this year focuses our workshop sessions into three specific zones — choose one that best fits your target audience. 


  • Zone one in the upper level focuses on Academics. (Currently planned for the “Peaks” rooms on the upper floor on the map.)

  • Zone two near the exhibit hall focuses on everything operations (Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Boards and Enrollment and Marketing). (Currently planned for the “Trees” rooms in the central main level.)

  • Zone three by the main ballroom focuses on Advocacy, Policy & Hot Topics. (Currently planned for the “Flowers” rooms on the main level.)


Choose your zone and get incredible onsite access to the workshop sessions as they happen and each zone will have a dedicated space available to display your products, hold individual  meetings, or to open up to attendees for their own meetings. In addition, you have the opportunity to speak live and introduce one session each day in your wing.


By supporting the League, the Conference and the students at our member schools, you’re supporting school choice, equity and quality in all its forms across all the diverse schools that the League supports. This package includes:



  • One 30-second video spot played at the beginning of each session in your zone (typically three sessions per zone per start time)

  • Speak live and introduce one session each day in your wing. 

Recorded and on-demand program

  • Your video spot (above) will be included in the session recordings for one year following the event

Signage - Gold Placement

  • Logo and verbal recognition within each session 

  • Video/graphic sponsor recognitions on the League and Event websites

  • Logo shown in each of the 50+ sessions and workshops

  • Logo on Event Sponsor page as a Gold level sponsor



  • Two (2) complimentary conference attendees 

  • Sponsor Atrium, double-booth space or place your booth in your zone for more exposure without the crowd

  • Post-event, electronic attendee list including emails (excluding opt outs)

  • Your marketing collateral included in conference bags (sponsor supplies 1,000 items)