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Grid Game Sponsor (Silver) - AC24

The attendee FAVORITE by far; this package gives you the opportunity to showcase your company and your generosity to the charter school community. You’ll be featured on the Exhibit Hall grid game card demonstrating you’re not only a proud supporter of the member schools, but that you are also building traffic into the Exhibit Hall. Your support provides five or more prizes to be drawn for game participants. This sponsor has the opportunity to award a prize to a winner at the conclusion of a general session. This sponsorship includes:


Live Audience appreciations

  • Opportunity to present a winner with their prize in-person at the conclusion of the last general session


  • Logo on the game cards

  • Logo on Event Sponsor page as a Silver level sponsor

  • Logo on Grid Game Signage at the event


  • One (1) complimentary conference attendee 

  • Sponsor Atrium, single-booth space  

  • Post-event, electronic attendee list including emails (excluding opt outs)