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Statements of Principle

The Colorado League of Charter Schools' statements of principle clarify and define its mission.


The League believes that:

  • Charter schools create positive change within the public education system by offering choice and creating competition. 
  • The growth of the charter school sector increases high-quality, publicly-funded school options available to Colorado students.
  • Quality is defined across the following indicators:
  • Low-performing, low-quality charter schools should be closed.
  • Self-governing, autonomous public schools can be an effective model for reducing bureaucracy.
  • The replication of high-performing charter schools directly influences the overall academic performance and success of all charter schools.
  • An open, entrepreneurial environment creates space for people and ideas that bring vitality and innovation into the public education system.
  • Innovation is defined as creative ideas that are proven in practice and impact school and student success.
  • We impact quality through serving operating schools, supporting new high-quality schools, addressing the challenges of struggling schools, and ensuring that authorizers implement effective practices.
  • Student achievement is maximized when the broadest array of stakeholders have the opportunity to meaningfully participate in public education.
  • We use partnerships to extend our reach and further implement our mission of impacting student achievement.