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Past Webinars

PAST WEBINARS (updated 5.11.20)

During these uncertain times, the League is providing free webinars to help schools with new topics schools are facing. We are adding new webinars every week. View them on our Covid Support page.

Peer to Peer Webinar Series: Using Assessment to Drive Instruction - In partnership with GOAL Academy Staff | RECORDING

Peer to Peer Webinar Series: PBL and Individualization - In partnership with GOAL Academy Staff | RECORDING and SLIDES

Education Funding Budget Cuts and Implications for Colorado Charter Schools 
Thursday, May 21 @ 2pm MT | 

Peer to Peer Webinar Series: 10 Ways to be a Better Online Teacher - In partnership with GOAL Academy Staff RECORDING and SLIDES

Peer to Peer Webinar Series: Skills of an Online Teacher - In partnership with GOAL Academy Staff | SLIDES | RECORDING

Distance Learning Strategies - Flatten the Emotional Curve: Elasticity & Resiliency During COVID-19 | RECORDING

How Do I Know I’m Being Effective? The Art of Monitoring Goal Progress Online RECORDING

Instructional Leadership Conversations - Supporting Teachers: Lessons from an Experienced Home School Charter Program – Hosted by Vision Charter Academy RECORDING |   SLIDES 

Distance Learning Strategies - Maintaining Student and Teacher Motivation RECORDING | SLIDES

Instructional Leadership Conversations - Supporting Teachers: Virtual Instructional Coaching  RECORDING 

Distance Learning Strategies - Developing Responsive and Engaging Formative Assessments.    RECORDING | SLIDES

Instructional Leadership Conversations - Setting instructional expectations and managing teacher accountability(4/20/20)    RECORDING  |  SLIDES

Distance Learning Strategies - Best Practices in Grading and Student Feedback 
Thursday, April 16 @ 3:30-4:30 PM     RECORDING     | SLIDES

Instructional Leadership Conversations: Maintaining Your School’s Culture While Shifting to Distance Learning (Supports for Staff, Students, and Families)
Tuesday, April 14 @ 3:30-4:30 PM |   RECORDING

Instructional Approaches that Support Executive Functioning: Building Awareness of Student Needs with Morgan Beidleman (4/8/2020)
Recorded Webinar: Supporting Executive Functioning | Resource Folder for Supporting Executive Functioning

Special Education & COVID-19: What This Means for Colorado Educators (3/25/2020) 
Recorded Webinar: SpEd & COVID-19 Guidance |    Resource Folder for SpEd & COVID-19 Guidance 

Providing Students with Mild Disabilities Accommodations on Online Platforms(3/30/2020) 
Recorded Webinar: Accommodations |      Resource Folder for Accommodations 

Utilizing Online Platforms for Providing SpEd Support & Services 1.0: Introduction to Zoom for Online Services (3/27/2020) 
Recorded Webinar: Online Supports |     Resource Folder for Online Supports 

Developing a Universal Approach to Mental Health on Online Platforms — Morgan Beidleman (4/1/2020) 
Recorded Webinar: Mental Health Online Platforms |    Resource Folder for Mental Health Online Platforms