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Virtual Educator Summit

Educating Beyond Limits: Overcoming Barriers That Impact Student Success 

Monday, June 8, 2020 | Virtual 

$50 per person
Unlimited access to sessions and recorded sessions you did not get to attend | PD Certificate included

Join Colorado charter school educators at the 2020 Virtual Educator Summit. As a participant, you can attend four live sessions plus the live Keynote address and will have access to the remaining eight session recordings. This year’s summit will bring you responsive and engaging topics relevant to virtual and in-person schooling as we explore our theme, Educating Beyond Limits: Overcoming Barriers That Impact Student Success. Purchase your ticket for the event and choose which sessions you would like to attend. Since we are going virtual, you will get Zoom links and info for each session before the event begins. After the event concludes, you will be given access to all recordings across the entire event. Please register at the bottom of this page.


Welcome Address/Keynote | 9:00am-9:30am

Keynote - Brandon Lachance - Brandon LaChance is the executive director of North Routt Community Charter School, with an undergraduate degree in Education and an advanced degree in School Administration and Leadership.
Brandon brings his passion to educate and the drive to see his students and staff succeed at what they do; making a dynamic student-centered school environment. In 2016, he was appointed to the Rural School Council by then-Commissioner Robert Hammond. The following year Brandon was appointed to the Education Leadership Council (ELC), a nonpartisan, multi-stakeholder council, created through executive order by Governor John Hickenlooper. When Jared Polis became Governor in 2019, Brandon was reappointed to contribute his thoughts on school leadership and changing the course of public education in Colorado.

Session 1 | 9:40am-10:40am

Sustain Your Energy and Maximize Your Impact With an Individualized Mindfulness Practice

Facilitator: Karen Bartlett 

You got into education to make a difference.  You measure success in growth and the numbers of lives you touch.  Even under typical circumstances, much less a worldwide pandemic and last-minute online schooling, you face a high level of daily stress.  And, let's face it, this stress takes its toll on your energy and ability to be your very best.

Learn how to shift from unconscious reactions to stress to intentional responses that allow you to sustain your energy and continue to have maximum impact while also feeling happier and more fulfilled.  Understand why previous efforts may not have worked and explore ways to make mindfulness practical and individualized specifically for you.  

Their Needs Have Changed: Using a Tiered Approach to Address the Widespread Needs in Your Classroom Enhanced by Closures

Facilitator: Morgan Beidleman & Kaci Coats

Closures have changed the makeup of our students’ and families’ needs. Classrooms will need to develop a strong universal approach to serving the variety of needs that walk through their doors in the fall and strategically design a tiered approach that addresses the range of more intensive needs. This session will help you design supports with intention based upon your students and families.

Session 2 | 10:50am-11:50pm

Growing Students on IEPs and ALPs

Facilitators: Leanna Christians,Christina Narayan, Branson School Online, 
Casey Goode, GOAL Academy

We meet students where they are but are we growing them? This session will focus on ideas for progress monitoring students on IEPs and ALPs and specific strategies for checking student growth both online and in the classroom. Join us for a presentation and then breakout groups to discuss student progress monitoring and how we can grow as educators.

Optimizing Teaching and Learning for All Through UDL

Facilitator: Clare Vickland

Programming with students with learning differences in mind improves instruction for all students. This session will provide attendees with an overview of Universal Design for Learning, a flexible framework that removes barriers to learning and gives all students an opportunity to succeed. Because of its flexible approach, UDL can be used in conjunction with any school model. Learn how to design lessons to effectively instruct a diverse group of learners.

Session 3 | 12:30pm-1:30pm

Visible Thinking Strategies

Facilitator: Kia Murray

Now, even more than ever, do we as teachers need to know how our students are thinking about their learning. During this session, participants will practice various strategies and structures that will make student thinking visible, whether learning on-line or in-person. 

A Culture of Connection: A Tiered Approach to Addressing the Behavioral and Mental Health Needs in Your Classroom

Facilitator: Morgan Beidleman, REACH Learning Services

The CDC believes trauma will potentially be the largest public health issue facing children coming out of COVID-19. Meeting the varying social emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of your students was challenging before and will likely be even more difficult in the future. Learn how to strengthen your core teaching approach to better meet the needs of students and learn ways to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of students through a tiered approach. Learn how to differentiate supports while avoiding the overwhelm of trying to manage several individual behavior plans at once.

Session 4 | 1:40pm-2:40pm

Leveraging Social and Emotional Leadership Competencies during the COVID19 Crisis

Facilitator: Sabrina Hodges

Many leaders will approach COVID19 mediation and response in clever and strategic ways; however, the great differentiator in success will be the leaders that root their response in their social emotional competencies. Leading through a crisis necessitates a leader’s ability to be self-aware, aware of others, self-regulate and manage relationships effectively. Our social and emotional intelligence need to be leveraged more than ever. Emotional intelligence is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions effectively in ourselves and others. An emotional and social competency is a learned capacity, based on emotional intelligence, which contributes to effective performance at work. For several decades, research has displayed the impact emotional intelligence has on organizations across the private and public sectors including strengthening culture, increasing productivity, and improving outcomes.This presentation will focus on the essential competencies for leaders to focus on as they lead through the unknown landscape of School Year 2021.     

Facilitating Independence

Facilitator: Jessica Bird Rusin, STRIVE Prep Ruby Hill

It is more important than ever that we are building skills in our students that increase  their independence both in and out of the school setting. Whether students are dependent upon adults for behavioral, academic, or executive functioning needs, this session will provide you with guidance as you work to  strategically fade supports to promote independence in our students.

General Session | 3:00pm-4:00pm

Planning for the Unknown: A Glimpse into Leaders’ Thinking About the Future 
Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of leaders who will share their thinking and their approach to planning for the vast unknowns of the future.
Panelists are a diverse group of leaders representing various instructional models (Montessori, expeditionary, student-led, college prep, Core Knowledge), grade levels served, and Colorado regions (urban, rural, suburban).
Wisdom Amouzou, Co-Founder & Principal at Empower Community High School, Aurora 
Casey Churchill, Principal at Liberty Common School, Fort Collins
Cameron Gehlen, Executive Director at Compass Montessori, Wheatridge and Golden 
Amanda Gonzales, Principal at KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy, Denver 
Brandon LaChance, Executive Director at North Routt Community Charter School, Steamboat Springs



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