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Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 (Thursday)
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Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6 - May 10)



Celebrating Charter School Teachers

We'd like to thank all of Colorado's charter school teachers for the work they do daily to encourage, educate and inspire children. The success and expansion of the charter school sector in Colorado (255 schools serving over 124,000 students) would not be possible without these dedicated and talented teachers. Thank you, teachers!

We are recognizing some of these teachers this week. The League asked for teacher testimonials recognizing teachers that have made a huge difference in the lives of their students. Each of the teachers below were nominated by someone at their charter school. 


Still interested in nominating a teacher? NOMINATE a teacher now. Deadline is today, Thursday, May 9. 

Thank you for positively impacting your students lives. We appreciate all that you do! One lucky teacher that was nominated, will win a $250 travel voucher. Stay tuned!


Thursday, May 9

Katie Couyoumjian 

Cherry Creek Academy

"Katie has been an unbelievable teacher for my daughter and all of her students. She uses unique ways to challenge students and hold them accountable. She has also dedicated her time to helping us in a really tough time not only in school but outside as well. My daughter's mom passed away unexpectedly in February and Katie stepped up BIG time. The first day back to school for my daughter was very scary and intimidating after this tragedy. Katie made it much easier and comfortable for her and I am forever grateful. She met us outside and walked us through the different resources available in the school. She also made time to communicate ways my daughter could excuse herself or take a breather if stuff was getting tough in class. They made a hand signal and code word and she truly made my daughter feel better at school. Katie also sent flowers to her the day after the news and continues to wear a necklace my daughter made her as a thank you for the flowers.  She also came to the service for her mom in a sign of support and respect and it really made my girl feel loved and lucky. She truly is a great person and amazing teacher!"


Andrea Hovet 
Goal Academy High School

"Andrea has taken on the north half of the Denver Region's ESS caseload while shouldering her own cases. She has also stepped in when we found ourselves short staffed. She has been an amazing teacher to students and an incredible mentor to me."


Deb Friesz
Academy of Arts and Knowledge

"Faced with a few developmental and sensory challenges, we transferred our son to The Academy of Arts and Knowledge in hopes of him FINALLY experiencing some VICTORIES in his school life. Mrs. Friesz certainly has standards and expectations of her students, but she also understands and sees with compassion that every child develops in their own time and at their own pace and she has sought out ways for our son to shine in his own way and feel like a winner."


Vicky Mcglinchey

Cherry Creek Academy

"Mrs. Mcglinchey goes above and beyond for her students. She always put our son first, making sure he is on the right path to success.  He graduated from his IEP services because of her support and guidance to help build his confidence and courage for everyday school, social, and academic. I am very grateful for her and my son is who he is today because of her love and support she gives to my son."


Mr. Russo 
Lincoln Meadows

"Mr Russo has been the best teacher my son has had! Liam has anxiety and every year it has been a struggle for him to go to school. About a week into this year, everything changed and it's because he loves his teacher so much. Mr. Russo is so dedicated and patient and I know I can always reach out to him with any concern and he will get back to me asap . He started a saying in each one of our emails at the end, " Go Team Liam!" That is exactly how it feels as a parent -- we are a team helping Liam everyday! This year is the first year that I have really seen growth and independence and confidence in my son and I have Mr Russo to thank for that. ALL teachers are under appreciated but Mr Russo has made a huge impact on Liam and myself and this has been one of the best years of school we have had. He is one of the best teachers anyone could ask for and we are so thankful and appreciative of what he has done for our family this year!"


Hannah Polston

Cherry Creek Academy

"Ms. Polston is an outstanding teacher that has passion for teaching young children. She loves the kids she teaches and works very hard to ensure each child is getting the best education and supporting each kids and their family.  Ms. Polston has a heart of gold and a passion for teaching."