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Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 (Friday)
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Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6 - May 10)



Celebrating Charter School Teachers

We'd like to thank all of Colorado's charter school teachers for the work they do daily to encourage, educate and inspire children. The success and expansion of the charter school sector in Colorado (255 schools serving over 124,000 students) would not be possible without these dedicated and talented teachers. Thank you, teachers!

We are recognizing some of these teachers this week. The League asked for teacher testimonials recognizing teachers that have made a huge difference in the lives of their students. Each of the teachers below were nominated by someone at their charter school. 

Thank you for positively impacting your students lives. We appreciate all that you do! One lucky teacher that was nominated, will win a $250 travel voucher. Stay tuned!


Friday, May 10

Ashley Martinez


"Ashley is an incredible teacher that truly cares about her middle school students. She is always sure to show them that she cares and that they matter. In addition to her regular teaching duties, she goes above and beyond and gets involved in many groups that influence her students' experience for the better. She has volunteered to lead a pilot Project Based Learning World Studies curriculum that brings the classroom to life for students. She also is on our Instructional Working Group Committee that is working with teachers and staff across our network to think about how we can teach differently given 21st century advancements. She is the Athletic Director for her middle school and is on our Athletic Advisory Committee (not expected of her as AD) that is working to bring students a comprehensive K-12 athletic experiences that also improve socioemotional outcomes for students, providing coaches with training on mentorship and proper team building aspects. She is also a part of our Undocumented Student Task Force, which works to educate our staff and advocate for some of the most vulnerable in our community (undocumented staff, families and students), as well as fundraise for and give away a $6,000 scholarship to 2 undocumented graduating seniors each year. As you can see, Ashley goes above and beyond her call of duty as a middle school teacher - and all with a big smile on her face." 


Vickey McGlinchey 
Cherry Creek Academy

"Mrs. McGlinchey is an outstanding teacher that has passion for teaching young children. She loves the kids she teaches and works very hard to ensure each child is getting the best education and supporting each kids and their family.  Mrs. McGlinchey has a heart of gold and a passion for teaching."

Ms. Madeline Meyers
American Academy Castle Pines

"She has made this school the best year yet for my daughter. She is kind, thoughtful and brings the subject to life by fully interacting with her students. Her patience allows them to take their time in understanding content and asking as many questions as needed. She believes in each student instilling the confidence they need to succeed. She is a gifted teacher!"


Janice Adams

Excel Academy Charter School

"Mrs. Adams is a wonderful kindergarten teacher. She provides the right support for each child and meets each child at his or her current level. She knows each child's interests and fosters their learning. Mrs. Adams makes learning fun and my child always has something to say about what she learns at school!"

Pat Walker
GOAL High School

"Pat has brought new tools to use on our blended-online learning platforms and strives to make content in his courses actually relevant to students. He's found new ways to integrate Teams with classes and in his Career Explorations class he focuses on helping students figure out what they want in their life and how to set appropriate goals."


Emma Donley
Goal High School

"Emma is great with getting to know her students. She makes it a priority to reach out to every single one of them, to build that bridge and encourage them to ask questions or ask for help. She is very thoughtful about relating her material to the everyday lives of our students. By creating surveys she molds her assignments to interest students. Anytime she communicates with them, she personalizes her approach to get the best response she can from students."

Miguel Sanchez
Denver Language School

"Mr. Miguel is one of the most caring, supportive, creative, and dedicated teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. His desire to bring out the best in all of his students is inspiring, and encourages other teachers to follow in his path. He spends much of his time focusing on each individual student and working with him or her to meet their individual goals, whether the goals are related to academics, behavior, social development, etc. His approach to instruction is focused on meeting the needs of his diverse classroom population with opportunities for differentiated learning in the form of centers, project-based learning, group collaboration, and innovative technology. His excitement for learning and his appreciation of technology in the classroom have led him to develop his own math skills website,, which is utilized by other kinder, 1st and 2nd grade teachers at our school.

As one of our top Spanish language immersion teachers at DLS, he is always willing to work with new/developing teachers to create a classroom environment that caters to all students. His has led professional development sessions related to classroom interventions, technology use in classrooms, and supports other staff with overall management techniques. After school, Mr. Miguel serves as the Spanish academic support teacher to assist students in grades K-3 with homework and basic tutoring. Students throughout the school look up to him and see him as a supportive figure. While he has 30 students in his class, he is willing to step in and support any student who needs a little extra attention."


Ms Hannah Polston
Cherry Creek Academy

"Ms. Polston has been great for my daughter. She has helped her come out of her shell and be more confident. She is always so very prompt to respond to any of my queries. Very lucky to have her!"

Cara Daley
Goal Academy

"Cara has a constant watch on improving her craft to empower students through education. Cara also lends her discoveries to her academic teammates with enthusiasm and no expectations of notoriety. Cara's work with experiential education has allowed our students to enjoy the most robust blended online experiences our school has ever had."

Kelly Pilger
Goal Academy

"She is amazing with students, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help them even if they are not in her pod. She is always smiling and always has a solution for anything. She is simply awesome!"

Keanu Cabral
Goal Academy High School

"Keanu, is an amazing teacher and co worker. He is just a joy to be around and easy going. The students and staff  really look up to him and feel comfortable asking him for help and just engaging in conversation.  He never says no and will help any and every student and staff. He is an all around great guy."

Katie Couyoumjian
Cherry Creek Academy

"My 4th grade granddaughter's Mother passed away unexpectedly in February and Ms. Couyoumjian was a huge help in making Gia feel comfortable at school. Ms. Couyoumjian sent flowers, went to the celebration of life service, developed a communications plan and support group, and shared her lunch periods with Gia. I will be eternally grateful to have such a caring and considerate teacher in our granddaughter's life during this hard time. Ms. Couyoumjian is an extraordinary teacher and example of what is truly good and kind."

Cassie Seybold
Westgate Community School

"Ms Seybold is a firm, but kind teacher. There is no lying to her and you will be accountable in her classroom. Every student in her class is encouraged to self advocate and is appreciated for who they are. At the third and fourth grade level, these skills and level of respect are very important.

Her knowledge and deep understanding of gifted learners cannot be valued enough. Our daughter has struggled the past two years with mental health issues and Ms. Seybold was by her side in the classroom with support and structure. Offering educational methods to keep her on track and clear expectations and coping mechanisms that allowed our daughter to feel safe and valued. Ms. Seybold’s experience and thorough gifted and talented knowledge brought us comfort and provided us resources to educate ourselves on the non-medical aspects of what was happening.

Me. Seybold took time to hold after school discussions for parents about topics such as asynchronous development. Her knowledge of gifted learners offered insight and references to help parents better understand behaviors and find tools to help guide our gifted learners at home.

When our daughter has failed, and she certainly has, Ms. Seybold has been able to walk her through the situations. Consequences occur, but our daughter has learned how to move forward and improve with kindness and understanding. Never feeling judged or as a failure.

Students thrive in the environment provided. Ms. Seybold provides a safe place to learn and grow. As a veteran educator, who continued her own education recently, she is always using her knowledge base to expand student options. Her classroom is always evolving and reflects best practices that are currently available.

G/T students in Ms. Seybold’s classroom  are encouraged to question things and know it is okay to fail. Cassie Seybold has given my child the gift of more self-confidence and helped her to learn to forgive herself when she makes a bad choice.  We are lucky we have her.

I know my daughter cannot be the only student Ms. Seybold does this for. I imagine she gives everything she has, every single school day. I know she must be exhausted working with her wonderful gifted and talented students. Yet, you do not hear her complain. When you do mention gifted and talented education, she lights up and will engage you in the subject of her thesis. Or she is excited to refer you to her favorite author on a subject she loves. Education is her passion and she loves what she does."


Nicholas Mueller
Goal High School

"I have the honor and privilege to work at Goal High School as the Assistant Principal for the Pueblo West, La Junta and Lamar drop in sites. Goal is an alternative education blended on-line school. This allows students to work 100% on-line at home or come into one of our 26 drop-in sites around the state of Colorado. I have the pleasure to work with Nicholas (Nick) Mueller. Nick is one of our English teachers at the Pueblo West site and often travels to other sites to meet with students individually. He is a teacher that not only know his content but also has the unique ability to build strong lasting relationships with each student that crosses his path. I have the unique opportunity to witness Nick work individually with each student that comes into the Pueblo West Goal site. Nick meets with each of his students either on line or in person weekly. We are unique to be able to offer individual time with each student and makes it his purpose to do everything he can to make sure that students are successful. I have been honored to witness students come into our site because of the relationship that Nick has built with them. They sometimes just come in to keep him up to date on their lives. I have seen students who are currently in concurrent enrollment come in and get assistance from Nick even when they aren’t enrolled in any of his classes. He is trustworthy and the students feel safe with him. They feel they can trust him and know that he is there to assist them in any way he can. Many of our students have faced trauma, drug abuse or drug abusers, problems with the law, or have a disability and Nick treats each student with respect and dignity. He works with them to determine their level of comprehension and creates lessons around that. It’s amazing to see such an amazing person work with our students and get them to believe in themselves and feel that achieving a diploma is possible."