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Featured Professional Development
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Welcome to our Featured Professional Development Institute courses for 2019-2020

These courses are designed for educators, leaders, and school staff to further their skill, knowledge and experience in working with students, increasing quality, creating innovative strategies, or celebrating the outcomes of choice and equity. We hope that you'll REVIEW ALL OUR TRAININGS and review these featured opportunities for your own specific development needs.


DEI Series: Building Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Instructional Pathways (Session 3)
Description: This session builds on the Unconscious Bias session by unpacking Deficit Theory (Valencia, 2010) which is grounded in Implicit Bias. We will explore our collective histories, cultures, experiences and exposure and how they drive our daily interactions with others and will include a dive into how “my” identity informs “my” daily view point and vantage points as an adult navigating “my” spaces of power, privilege and lack thereof. Join our consultant Dr. Aaron J. Griffen in this This seven-part series will be Grounded in Critical Race Theory (Bell, 1992): Race is normal in the United States, Interest Convergence for economic gain, and Counter Narratives that counteract and contradict social constructs, each session will build upon the one prior, ensuring that participants will not only gain a working knowledge of key theories and concepts, but will also have clear applications for daily interaction with culturally different adults and students.


Rethinking Behavior: SEL & Executive Functioning
Description: In the Rethinking Behavior Series, participants will be asked to rethink how they view behavior and begin to see it as an attempt to get a need met. With this in mind, participants will have the opportunity to consider how to make changes to their current practices and structures to better meet the needs of their students through a variety of approaches. Often, educators provide supports and accommodations to alter behavior in the school setting but forget that sometimes our students lack the actual skills needed to control their emotions or organize their thoughts. In this session, attendees will understand the need for developing our students' skills in the areas of emotional regulation, social awareness, and executive functioning and will be given best practices in developing those skills.



School Leadership Cohort
12/4/2019 » 4/1/2020
Description: Join one of our School Leader cohorts and connect with other leaders tackling similar issues. Cohorts will meet 4 times during the school year at participants' schools. Each session will include classroom visits, a hot topic discussion, and time to receive and provide advice on the issues of the moment. Exact locations will depend on participants and will be determined in the Fall.

Complexities of Identifying Students of Color for Gifted Programs
Description: Join our consultant Shalelia Dillard to explore strategies to identify and discuss solutions to increase students of color in gifted and advanced programs; all educators, school leaders, teachers, coaches, special education staff, gifted and talented staff.


Instructional Coaching in the English Language Arts Classroom
Description: As instructional leaders, we often coach across multiple content areas. In this workshop, participants will exploring the Common Core's Key Shifts in English Language Arts while engaging in high impact coaching moves specific to the content area. This session will include valuable resources as well as time to practice and plan for implementation.


Human Resources Gathering
Connect, Convene and Collaborate while sharing resources and best practices within the HR community. HR/TS will host quarterly in September, December and April. The HRG will consist of HR topics and speakers on cutting edge and real time information relevant to the HR role and community.