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Sorting the News

Friday, March 20, 2020  
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Kyle Bobrick, Marketing Support Staff


In early January, I began working with the Colorado Charter League as a communications & marketing consultant. My role mostly consisted of curating written content for various email newsletters and delivering it to subscribers. Among my list of newsletters, the NEWS required the most attention. Published every Friday, the NEWS is a quick glance for viewers to read about current events throughout Colorado and the nation.  


As I began to navigate the process of scouring various news outlets and plugging topical articles into our newsletter, I realized a recurring trend. Education issues in Colorado communities mirror similar challenges throughout the country. From education funding cuts to school building renovations and charter closures, education policy and reform challenges sweep communities throughout the country with mesmerizing similarity. Regardless of the county or district, we all seem to be searching for answers to the same problems.


Working with a different non-profit education program before joining the League, I was privy to the urgency and impact around charter schools and school choice. However, I was also unaware of the number of towns, cities and states across the country faced with similar challenges and decisions, which inevitably impact their children and families. School funding, teacher pay, educational equity, under-performance and other issues present themselves to lawmakers and citizens everywhere. 


I’ve developed a broader perspective around these issues that we constantly face, and it’s my recommendation that everyone continue to learn more about education policy in Colorado and throughout the country. By staying informed we can approach challenges with tact and confidence, identify blind spots by thinking critically, and take action together.