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ECA Challenge at the State Board of Education: Continuing the Fight for Charter School Equity

Friday, March 20, 2020  
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While Colorado has the second strongest charter school law in the country, that law is only as strong as the degree to which it is upheld and enforced. That’s why the League is committed to not only strengthening and protecting state-level charter school policy, but also to calling out and challenging unfair district charter school practices where we see them.


It’s for this reason that the League brought a challenge against Littleton Public Schools’ exclusive chartering authority (ECA) last week in front of the State Board of Education. We feel strongly that ECA, which grants a district exclusive control over the charter schools that can open in that area (as opposed to allowing some schools to be authorized by CSI), is a privilege that should be earned as opposed to a right that is guaranteed. If a district such as Littleton is not treating its existing charter schools fairly and equitably (a case we laid out extensively here), it should not retain the exclusive privilege of dictating which charter schools can and cannot open in that area.


That was the case we made over two hours of testimony last Wednesday, and while the State Board did not ultimately decide in our favor, none of that takes away from the fact that we were fighting the right fight in pushing for fair and equitable charter school treatment. Charter schools are a vital and vibrant part of Colorado’s public school community, they deserve to be treated as such, and we’ll continue to fight until they receive the equity and respect they deserve.