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What We're Up Against

Thursday, November 14, 2019  
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Dan Schaller
VP of State & Local Policy

What We’re Up Against

It’s hard to deny that we’re in the midst of a difficult period for charter schools right now. On a national level, two of the main Democratic presidential candidates have come out with explicit anti-charter education platforms, the Chicago teachers union just demanded a cap on the number of charter school seats as a condition of ending their strike, and legislation with a number of dangerous anti-charter provisions was recently signed into law in California.

Here in Colorado, we just had a school board election cycle with very few bright spots for pro-choice candidates supportive of charter schools. And as we look ahead to the legislative session set to begin in less than two months’ time, school board representatives have signaled their intention to bring legislation (see LR6-LR8 on p. 4 and LR14-LR16 on p. 6) that could seriously undercut existing charter autonomy and new charter development.

If ever there was a time for us all to come together and put differences aside, this is it.

Because we comprise a sector that is made up of a wide variety of political viewpoints, it can sometimes be tempting to think we are more defined by our differences than our similarities. However, in this kind of environment, we engage in that sort of thinking at our peril. If we want to see Colorado’s charter schools continue to survive and thrive, we must come together and do our part to advocate for the strength and protection of our schools. Please sign up for the League’s Colorado Charter Advocacy Network (COCAN) today, and share this sample letter to encourage your parents and families to sign up as well.

Be sure to stay up to date with our ACT newsletter during the upcoming legislative session as there is little doubt we are going to need your support and involvement at various stages throughout the year.