Special Education Teacher

Lake George Charter School

Contract type
Closing date
Sep 26, 2023 12:00 AM
36000 yearly

We are seeking a Special Education Teacher for our public charter school. The ideal candidate should have strong cooperative and collaborative skills; team work is essential!

Teacher should be able to:

‚óè Understand and apply effective strategies for intervention and differentiation in the classroom

‚óè Provide one-on-one instructional support to students, including providing small group or one-on-one academic instruction, and pushing-in and supporting students in a regular classroom setting, as needed

‚óè Provide support and supervision of students as assigned (during transitions, in special classes, during lunch, on the playground, etc.)

‚óè Consistently complete progress monitoring and create quarterly progress reports using Enrich or other district/school platforms

‚óè Monitor, follow and create Individual Education Plans (IEPs), 504s and Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs)

‚óè Follow all policies and protocols to meet compliance guidelines and deadlines

‚óè Facilitate and schedule IEP/504/ALP re-evaluation and annual meetings, as well as scholar transition meetings

‚óè Plan and deliver instruction in small group and one - on - one environments

‚óè Clear understanding of how to support mild-moderate scholars in push in and pull out environments

‚óè Embed opportunities for scholar critical-thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, as well as use of technology and digital media, into lesson and unit plans

‚óè Monitor, supervise, coordinate, and enforce rules of conduct and behavior for assigned students, and reinforce positive student behaviors in accordance with school and district policy

● Build relationships to collaborate and communicate with Health service professionals, psychologists and other supporting agencies – ensures that all interactions are positive, professional and focused on the welfare of the scholar

‚óè Develop appropriate and healthy relationships with scholars and families, including advocating for them and celebrating their success

‚óè Develop and maintain open and consistent communication with scholars and their families about their academic progress, health success and needs, parenting success and needs, individual power plans, and high school planning

● Engage in rigorous professional development to build on both personal and school wide strengths and areas of growth to promote the school’s vision, mission, and values

‚óè Analyze formal and informal data and accurately complete student data assessment analysis and provide informative reports regarding student instruction and achievement, using appropriate screeners.

Education requirement

Bachelors Degree

How to apply

Please see application at: https://www.lakegeorgecharterschool.com/contact


Submit to: [email protected]