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New School Webinars and Trainings

Starting a charter public school is a mammoth undertaking that requires critical trainings along the way. The Colorado League of Charter Schools strongly encourages charter founding teams to attend as many trainings as they can, including Onboarding Your Charter School (below), Charter School Boot Camp (offered in collaboration with CDE each April) as well as viewing recorded webinars (links below). Visit our calendar of events often to learn about trainings that occur throughout the year and might be specific to your school’s needs.


The Startup Year: Strongly Recommended Professional Development

Schools have unique professional development needs at this stage. Please check our calendar of events and trainings and our vast webinar library (below) throughout your school development process.


Charter School Boot Camp 

Dates: Wednesday April 17, Thursday April 18, and Friday April 19, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM. - 4:00 PM
Location: Independence Institute, 727 E. 16th Ave., Denver, CO 80203
Register by 8:00 AM on Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Register here for CS Boot Camp


Onboarding Your Charter School

Onboarding Your Charter School - Summer 2019
Date TBD
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Registration: Coming soon. 


Recently approved – and hoping to soon be approved – charter schools to open in 2019, 2020 or beyond won’t want to miss this training! Onboarding is a training for founding teams/governing boards of new charter schools (and hopeful new charter schools). During this exercise, your teams will be guided to navigate the complexities of the startup phase; presenting a clear path forward as your school moves from theory to reality. There will be morning workshops and customized, afternoon “office hours” with League staff across critical areas of school startup



 CUSTOMIZED AFTERNOON OFFICE HOURS: Individual teams will meet with League content experts to delve deeper around your school’s specific needs and circumstances. 

Recorded Webinars 

Below are links to a series of recorded webinars which cover a variety of topics related to starting a charter school. 


These webinars are free, and are designed for people who are in the process of developing a charter school application; however, anyone is welcome to view them. Each webinar focuses on an area of critical importance to groups in the process of designing a school and writing a charter application. Each webinar runs approximately an hour and half. All you need is a computer and internet access to participate! Simply click on a link below when ready to view. 


New School Recorded Webinars (and Resources)

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Writing SMART Goals (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Writing SMART Goals (Resources) ZIP (3.69 MB) Administration 5/3/2016
Overview of Relevant Education Laws (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Overview of Relevant Education Laws (Resources) PPT (1.3 MB) Administration 10/26/2018
Facilities Leasing & Tenant Issues (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Revising Your App Based on Feedback (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Revising Your App Based on Feedback (Resources) ZIP (7.51 MB) Administration 8/11/2016
Negotiating a Charter Contract (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Negotiating a Charter Contract (Resources) PPTX (596.55 KB) Administration 4/11/2016
Writing a Charter School Application (Resources) ZIP (1.02 MB) Administration 10/26/2018
Alignment of Curriculum, Assessment... (Resources) ZIP (2.25 MB) Administration 8/12/2016
Developing a PM Plan (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Developing a PM Plan (Resources) PPTX (3.02 MB) Administration 2/3/2016
Special Education and the RtI Process (Resources) PPTX (895.59 KB) Administration 10/26/2018
Governance 101 (Resources) ZIP (2.29 MB) Administration 8/12/2016
New School Budgeting (Resources) ZIP (6.05 MB) Administration 10/26/2018
Community Outreach and Marketing... (Resources) ZIP (3.04 MB) Administration 8/12/2016
Employment Issues/Hiring a Leader (Resources) PPTX (114.13 KB) Administration 10/26/2018
Contracting for Business Services (Resources) PPTX (1.18 MB) Administration 10/26/2018
Writing a Charter School Application (Webinar) Link Administration 8/12/2016
Alignment of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction Link Administration 7/29/2014
Special Education and the RtI Process (Webinar) Link Administration 8/12/2016
Governance 101 (Webinar) Link Administration 8/12/2016
New School Budgeting (Website) Link Administration 8/12/2016
Charter School Facilities Overview (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Charter School Facilities Overview (Resources) ZIP (1.73 MB) Administration 8/11/2016
Facilities Financing (Webinar) Link Administration 3/16/2017
Facilities Financing (Resources) PDF (1.06 MB) Administration 8/11/2016
Facilities Leasing & Tenant Issues (Resources) PDF (61.54 KB) Administration 8/11/2016
Community Outreach and Marketing Your School Link Administration 7/29/2014
Employment Issues/Hiring a Leader (Webinar) Link Administration 8/12/2016
Contracting for Business Services (Webinar) Link Administration 8/12/2016