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2016 Conference Handouts
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2016 Colorado Charter Schools Conference
Breakout Session Handouts and Presentations



Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Get an A in Crisis Communications ZIP (809.12 KB) Administration 3/1/2016
Marketing, Outreach and Engagement PDF (683.7 KB) Administration 3/1/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Charrette Process in the Classroom PDF (8.78 MB) Administration 3/16/2016
Facility-Financing-Fundamentals PDF (1.32 MB) Administration 3/15/2016
Local-Tax-Initiatives-Presentation.pdf PDF (1.92 MB) Administration 2/25/2016
Bond-Mill-Levy-Statutes-2016.pdf PDF (116.56 KB) Administration 2/25/2016
Bond-Application-Form-2016.pdf PDF (29.5 KB) Administration 2/25/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Be an Operations Hero PDF (1.2 MB) Administration 3/4/2016
Capital Construction Financing Options PDF (1.08 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Making School Pay for Performance Work ZIP (924.47 KB) Administration 3/4/2016
Smart Tech Planning and Investment PDF (167.94 KB) Administration 3/4/2016
What School Leaders Need to Know: School Audit PDF (221.14 KB) Administration 3/1/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Connecting the Dots ZIP (251.71 KB) Administration 3/15/2016
Board Roles and Responsibilities PDF (131.97 KB) Administration 3/3/2016
Developing-Strong-School-Family-Relationships PDF (636.08 KB) Administration 3/1/2016
Resource Blitz for Governing Boards PDF (73.24 KB) Administration 3/3/2016
The Everlasting Board Culture PDF (3.82 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Traits of an Effective Governing Board ZIP (999.29 KB) Administration 3/4/2016
Zen and the Art of Charter School Leadership PDF (129.48 KB) Administration 3/3/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Economic-RealEstate-Trends PDF (2.94 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Hack Your Classroom - Resources Link Administration 3/1/2016
New-Gifted-Education-Requirements ZIP (144.12 KB) Administration 3/3/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Benefits of a Good Workplace Environment PDF (145.14 KB)  more ] Administration 2/25/2016
Complexities of FMLA Presentation.pdf PDF (365.38 KB) Administration 3/1/2016
Managing-Disciplining-Employees.pdf PDF (1.61 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Pay Me Right$ or Pay Me More $$$ PDF (703.1 KB) Administration 3/3/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Sustaining the Fire PPTX (831.86 KB) Administration 3/15/2016
Anywhere, Anytime Professional Development Link Administration 3/1/2016
Creative Uses of Google Apps, Tablets and QR Codes Link Administration 3/1/2016
Defiance, Tears and Tragedy PDF (2.04 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Engagement With Rigor: Critical Thinking PDF (838.48 KB) Administration 3/3/2016
Feedback Structures that Foster a Growth Mindset PDF (232.87 KB) Administration 3/1/2016
Learning with Movement ZIP (682.85 KB) Administration 3/1/2016
Mindfulness and Self Care for Educators ZIP (1.05 MB) Administration 3/4/2016
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support PDF (1.54 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Positive, Preventative PBS for the Well-Behaved PDF (2.02 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Slaying the Cram Pass Forget Dragon ZIP (1.47 MB) Administration 3/3/2016
Social-Emotional-21st-Century-Learning PDF (1.09 MB) Administration 3/3/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Colorado Sunshine Laws PDF (334.55 KB) Administration 3/1/2016
Conflicts of Interest and Charter Schools PDF (154.13 KB)  more ] Administration 2/25/2016
Managing Employee/Student Use of Social Media PDF (405.96 KB) Administration 3/3/2016
National Policy and Legal Update PDF (251.76 KB) Administration 3/3/2016
Office of Civil Rights PDF (806.74 KB) Administration 3/1/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Charter-Performance-Update PDF (229.41 KB) Administration 3/4/2016


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Using Dashboards ZIP (1 MB) Administration 3/15/2016
Competency Based Education ZIP (3.94 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Future of Accountability ZIP (2.11 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Planning in a Time of Transition ZIP (4.08 MB) Administration 3/1/2016
Tackling Teacher Evaluations PDF (28.38 KB) Administration 3/3/2016