School leaders have many competing priorities which often results in a reactive versus proactive approach to managing their Board of Directors. However, regular and intentional oversight of the Board by school leaders should be among their top areas of focus for the ultimate health and sustainability of the organization. 


In this four-part workshop series, school leaders of all experience levels and years of service will discover new strategies for effective Board leadership, with the goal of reviving their investment into one of their most vital and influential stakeholder groups. Attendees will walk away with proven solutions and tangible ideas to implement with their Board for increased engagement, commitment, and agency from Board members. The outcome from this is a more robust, organized, and enduring Board.


Session 1 – Building a Strong Board 

  • It all starts with strategic Board recruitment 

  • Models for effective onboarding of new Board members 

  • The importance of connecting with your Board as humans - strategies to foster authentic relationship building between and among members

  • Ideas to inspire your Board and keep them connected to your school’s mission


Session 2 – Board Governance 101 

  • Roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the Board  

  • Who should own what: School staff vs. the Board of Directors

  • Reviewing Board bylaws and policies

  • Head of School and Board self-evaluations + reviews: When, why and how 


Session 3 – Preparing Your Board for Operational Success

  • Progress monitoring: Developing effective Board reports, trackers and dashboards 

  • Organizing Board committees 

  • Plans and structures for productive Board meetings 

  • Communications to and from the Board 


Session 4 – Leading Your Board for Enduring Success 

  • Community engagement, vision setting and strategic planning (long-term vs. short term)

  • The need for Board advocacy and mobilizing your Board 

  • Being nimble and responsive in a constant world of change 

  • Succession planning for School and Board leaders


Facilitated by Brittany Joyce, Former Director of Strategy and Communications at Highline Academy. Earn up to eight Continuing Education Units