Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

***Please note: These sessions are subject to change***

Thursday, February 25

Time  Strand Session Title
8:45 AM - 10:45 AM Kick Off Workshop Colorado League of Charter Schools’ Member Forum
Kick Off Workshop So You Think You Want to Start a Charter School?
Kick Off Workshop 2016 Colorado Charter School Authorizer Summit
Kick Off Workshop "Standing in the Gap" Film Screening and Panel Discussion
  Kick Off Workshop  So You Have Your PARCC Data. Now What?
  Kick Off Workshop  Sponsor/Exhibitor Workshop: How to Sell to Charter Schools
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Employment/HR Practices 10 HR Mistakes to Avoid
Facilities Management School Daze: How to Project Capital Finance Needs
Fiscal Fitness & Sound Operations Making School Pay for Performance Work
Governance & School Leadership Zen and the Art of Charter School Leadership
Legal & Policy Issues What Every Charter Should Know about the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights
Charter Advocacy and Communications Empowering Charter School Parents as Advocates
Performance Management Planning in a Time of Transition
Health & Wellness Healthy School Stories: Enough Small Steps Make a Giant Leap for Student Health and Wellness
Hot Topics Beyond Blended: Making the Transition to Personalized Learning
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM Employment/HR Practices Benefits of a Good Workplace Environment/Risks of a Bad One
Facilities Management Local Tax Initiatives: How to Best Position Your School
Fiscal Fitness & Sound Operations Avoiding Pitfalls: School Finance
Governance & School Leadership Making School Leader Evaluations Meaningful
Legal & Policy Issues National Policy & Legal Update
Charter Advocacy and Communications How to Get an A in Crisis Communications and Media Relations
Performance Management Future of Accountability
Health & Wellness Options and Obstacles in Charter School Food Service
Hot Topics Challenges Facing Rural/Small Community/Resort Town Charter Schools - Panel and World Cafe
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM Employment/HR Practices The Complexities of FMLA: School Specific Considerations
Facilities Management The 21st Century "LearnPlace"
Fiscal Fitness & Sound Operations School Leaders: What You Need to Know about the School Audit
Governance & School Leadership Traits of a Successful Governing Board
Legal & Policy Issues Complying with the Colorado Sunshine Laws (Open Meetings and Open Records)
Charter Advocacy and Communications Benefiting Students and Families through Community Partnerships
Performance Management Using Dashboards for Autonomy, Accountability and Achievement
Health & Wellness Ideas to Transform School Culture: Developing Your Students' Social and Emotional Intelligence
Hot Topics Colorado Real Estate and Demographics: Trends and Changes that WILL Impact Your School


Friday, February 26

Time  Strand Session Title
8:45 AM - 10:00 AM Employment/HR Practices Best Practices for Managing and Disciplining Employees
  Employment/HR Practices It's All About the Fit: Finding & Keeping the Right People through Mission-Centered & Rubric-Based Recruitment, Hiring & Retention Practices
Facilities Management Beyond Financing: Capital Campaigns and More
Fiscal Fitness & Sound Operations Smart Technology Planning and Investment: Designing an Entire Campus from the Ground Up
Governance & School Leadership Connecting the Dots of Board Practice: Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships
Legal & Policy Issues Managing Employee and Student Use of Technology and Social Media
Performance Management What Everyone Ought to Know about Competency-Based Education
Instructional Practices Anytime, Anywhere Professional Development
Hot Topics Before, During and After a Critical Event: What Every Administrator Should Know
12:45 PM - 2:00 PM Employment/HR Practices HR Practitioner Guidance: Tips from the Trenches
Facilities Management Design and Construction Do's and Don'ts: Getting the Best School Facility for Your Budget
Fiscal Fitness & Sound Operations Capital Construction Financing Options
Governance & School Leadership Resource Blitz for Governing Boards
Legal & Policy Issues Conflicts of Interest and Charter Schools
Charter Advocacy and Communications 70th Colorado General Assembly: Opportunities, Challenges, and How You Can Help
Performance Management Tackling Teacher Evaluations
Instructional Practices Creative Uses of Google Apps, Tablets and QR Codes
Hot Topics New Gifted Education Requirements for All Schools: Get the Latest
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM Employment/HR Practices Pay Me Right $ or Pay Me More $$$
Facilities Management Implementing Design Thinking and the Charrette Process in the Classroom
Fiscal Fitness & Sound Operations Be an Operations Hero: Unlock Hidden Funds
Governance & School Leadership Developing Strong School-Parent Partnerships
  Governance & School Leadership The Everlasting Board Culture
Legal & Policy Issues Using Behavioral Characteristics and Detection to Prevent Campus Violence
Charter Advocacy and Communications Marketing, Outreach, and Engagement: Reaching Colorado’s Latino Families
Performance Management Bringing MSLs to Life: Your Values, Your System, Your Community! 
Instructional Practices Empower Students through Social-Emotional and 21st Century Education
Hot Topics Hack Your Classroom

Saturday, February 27

Time  Strand Session Title
8:45 AM -10:00 AM Instructional Practices Slaying the "Cram, Pass, Forget" Dragon
  Instructional Practices Aligning Common Core and English Learning Development Standards
Instructional Practices Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Moving the Needle for All Students
Instructional Practices Sustaining the Fire: Resisting Teacher Burnout
10:10 AM -11:25 AM Instructional Practices Engagement with Rigor: Critical Thinking
Instructional Practices Positive & Preventative: PBIS for the Well Behaved
Instructional Practices Tapping the Character Component to Manage Stress
Instructional Practices Learning with Movement
11:30 AM – 12:20 PM Instructional Practices Networking Lunch to Collaborate with Fellow Educators
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM Instructional Practices Feedback Structures that Foster a Growth Mindset
Instructional Practices Defiance, Tears, and Tragedy
Instructional Practices Mindfulness and Self Care for Educators
Instructional Practices Integrating STEAM into your Classroom